Wednesday, December 7, 2011

3 months (almost)

Okay, so I have *totally* slacked in the blog-updating department!  I must admit I have thought about updating several times but then have been distracted with Elise or with Ryan or with working out or the other things going on!  So bare with me, this will be a longer update!

Since our last update, Elise has hit some MAJOR milestones... considering her last update was almost 2 months ago!  At Elise's 2 month appointment she was 12lbs 10oz and 23 1/4 inches long!  She is in the 95th percentile for weight and the 75th for height! Needless to say, she is a very healthy and happy baby.  We go back after Christmas for her 3 month check up.  I so very much love seeing her grow and knowing she is healthy!  We are still attending our breastfeeding support group every Thursday so I am able to weigh her each week!  It is so reassuring to see her weight increase each week!  With breastfeeding you have NO idea how much they are eating each time/day so it is nice to see the weight gain to know you are doing things right:)  I'm pretty sure Elise is hitting her 3 month growth spurt considering she is eating more frequently.

Elise is also full of smiles and laughs.  She is really doing well with her head control when we have her sitting in her bumbo or on our laps.  She also has really strong leg strength and LOVES to stand up!  I find it funny that she immediately stops fussing when you stand her up sometimes!  She is trying to grow up too fast!  She also loves her glow worm and her play mat.  No matter what her mood is, those two things will always make her smile and laugh!

We survived our first big holiday with her!  Thanksgiving was a crazy, busy holiday full of family, friends and FOOD!  We all made it through it and successfully I might add.  Elise was able to hang with some friends and family, some she hadn't met yet.  It was nice!  She also sat on Santa's lap for the first time!  No crying for her, although, I do look forward to future years when she does cry.  I think those pictures are HILARIOUS!!:)  We are looking forward to our 1st Christmas with her, although, that will be busy too:)

Elise successfully slept through the night beginning at 8 weeks!  We had NEVER swaddled her because she seemed to hate it but someone suggested it because it seemed she was not hungry when she would wake at night, just waking herself up sort of a thing.  We tried swaddling, and she slept 9 hrs and has slept anywhere from 9-12 hrs ever since.  HOWEVER, she has now learned to roll over WHILE swaddled so no more swaddling for her.  AND she has now learned to roll over UNSWADDLED, so we are going to have a few restless nights until we get this figured out.  Babies continually surprise me.  Once you think you've got just ONE thing down, they throw you a curve ball:)  I'm soooo proud of her for learning to roll over but just wish she would only do it while awake!:)

We are starting a new tradition with Elise at Christmas time ... building gingerbread houses.  I've actually never made one either so we both had a first!  We spent this past Sunday in our pj's making gingerbread houses, homemade chex mix and watching "How I Met Your Mother" on Netflix.

For now that is the update!  I'll try to update more often!:)

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