Sunday, August 28, 2011

37 weeks - Full-term!

Well, we made it!  We are officially full-term!  It feels soooo good to be 37 weeks but I'm soooo ready to start progressing towards getting this baby out!  I am now going to be doing everything in my power to start my body towards that!  I would love for the baby to stay til 40 weeks because I know that is best but then that is it!!:)  I go for my check up on Thursday and we'll see how much I am dilated/affaced!  There isn't much new to report!  Baby is doing good and still very active.  I've been sleeping as much as I can, comfortably, but still seem to be tired!  I'm just finishing up all the loose ends before the baby arrives.  I started to pack my hospital bag and continue organizing and washing the baby clothes and such.  

Saturday, Ryan and I went to Target to finish purchasing a few of the things we still needed.  We also picked out 3 boy outfits and 3 girl outfits for the baby that we will take him/her home in and use those first few days we are at home.  We really had a lot of fun picking out gender specific outfits and cannot WAIT to see if this is a little boy or a little girl!  We will have even more fun buying clothes once the little peanut arrives!:)

We'll keep everyone posted with my progression and when he/she arrives!  Until then, please say a prayer that I can comfortably make it through these last few weeks and that I have a safe and quick and painless delivery:)  And continue to pray that Baby E is healthy and remains that way!:)


Liz & Baby E

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

36 Weeks

I am 9 months pregnant! I just am amazed that I am this far along!  I can honestly say that I am ready to have this baby.  I am terrified of the actual labor process but I'm so ready to be done being pregnant and get my cute little peanut here!  I had my 36 week check up last Thursday and everything is going well!  I only gained 1 pound in the last two weeks which means I have gained 1 pound in 4 weeks since I gained 0 the 2 weeks before!  So I'm thankfully starting to level off with my weight gain.  I go to the doctor once a week now so I'll be back in the doctors office tomorrow morning to see if I have progressed any.  As of last week I was 0 cm dilated.  Pretty soon here I am going to start my walking, eating spicy foods, and whatever the heck will put my body into labor!  I *know* and fully am aware that my body will go when it is ready, but I would like to encourage it in anyway possible! 

My lovely, and talented sister-in-law has posted some sneek peaks for our maternity pictures! They are soo adorable!:)  I can't want to see what she pulls out of her sleeves for the little baby when it gets here!:)!/media/set/?set=a.207337502655459.68243.129737563748787&type=1

Enjoy and I'll update here this weekend for 37 weeks!


Monday, August 15, 2011

35 weeks

Well,  we are officially at 35 weeks!  Can you believe it?  I feel like I can't stop saying how much I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone!  We have 2 weeks until I'm considered full term and 5 weeks until my official due date!  Wow!  So crazy!  I spent the last week organizing and washing and getting what I can ready for the baby.  I am amazed at how blessed we are to have such wonderful family and friends to spoil this baby so far.  We are so lucky!:) 

We spent a good chunk of Saturday at a Childbirth Blitz class held at Dupont Hospital ((where we are delivering)).  It was a free class so we figured at worst, we would just be wasting time, but we didn't feel that at all.  The two ladies who taught the class were so helpful and knowledgeable.  There were around 20 other couples there with us.  There were a good mix of people due before us and some due after us.  We learned so much about how my body is preparing to deliver, and so much about what will happen once I start going into labor.  We are blessed with so many family and friends to give us their advice and experience but since everybody has a different experience, it was nice to have the by the book information about what I might experience.  

After the class, we had our maternity pictures taken by my lovely sister-in-law Carole Moreno Photography.  We had so much fun and laughed so much.   We went to Matea Park in Fort Wayne and walked the trails to find some good spots.  I am sooooo not a nature person because I haaaaate bugs!  But I was brave:)  We finished up JUST in time for the storm to roll in.  I can't wait to see the pictures!! I know there were some good ones in there!!:)  Thanks, Carole, for putting up with us!!!:)

This week will consist of more organizing, more sewing, and more relaxing.  I am trying to take advantage of this down time without feeling guilty.  I am such an on the go person all the time, I have a hard time just winding down and relaxing when I'm not pregnant.  Now that I'm almost 9 months pregnant, it has been hard for me to just rest and relax.  I know I'll never get this time back so I think I'll try to enjoy it a little more:)   

I have a doctors appointment on Thursday so hopefully everything is still going smoothly:)  This baby seems to be doing very well!  It is crazy active most days but has enjoyed stretching out and shoving its feet in my ribs at night so I wake up with some sore ribs most days.  I still don't sleep a whole lot of consistent hours.  I'm still feeling pretty good.  My back is in pain some days.  And my feet are getting sore after standing for too long. And swollen.  But I see a light at the end of the tunnel so I can handle it. 

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers!! 


Liz & Baby E

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

34 weeks

Sorry this post is so late in the week.  I have been busy washing, organizing, and so much more with all the baby stuff.  This past Thursday, my co-workers threw me a baby shower on my last day and Saturday, my mom and sisters hosted a shower for my side of the family.  I can't begin to express how lucky and blessed we feel to have such amazing family and friends.  We have received so much love, support, and gifts from everyone for this baby.  I couldn't feel any more blessed, truly.  

I had a doctors appointment this past Friday and Baby E is still measuring right on at 34 weeks.  I gained 0 pounds in the past two weeks, which was exciting to me (( But don't worry, I'm still healthy and all that jazz)). My doctor is going to start checking me at the next appointment at 36 weeks to see if I have started dilating and effacing.  He wouldn't start checking me until my 37th week but my husband and my mom are being sent on a business trip to New York during my 36th week and we all just want to make sure they don't miss anything:)  I just can't believe that it is almost time to start checking to see if I'm progressing at all.  Time has flown by and with 5 and a half weeks to go til my due date, I'm just ready for this baby to get here.  I'm nervous for the labor and delivery, but I'm very ready (( or as ready as I can be)) for this baby to finally be here.  I think it will help me breathe a sigh of relief that I can finally know if this baby is a little boy or a little girl.  We've never revealed our names on here soooo we might be doing that soon:)

Keep praying for Baby E and all other expecting mothers and babies!

<3 Liz