Sunday, April 24, 2011

19 weeks && a Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone! We hope yours was as filled with love, happiness, and joy as ours was! We spent the weekend with my family and Ryan's family and even had the chance to visit a few cousins:) We were so happy to be able to watch our nieces go on an egg hunt, too! They are growing up so fast! We love watching their personalities change and grow! <3

So this week was quite a big week for the baby! I feel like the baby has grown so much this week ((or at least if you are looking at my belly, it feels that way!)). I have been so anxious to start feeling the baby move and was a little discouraged earlier this week. *But* ever since Thursday I have been able to feel a few "flutters" when I am laying down in bed and even felt a little flutter earlier this afternoon. I can't wait to continue to keep feeling the baby move! A week from Monday ((tomorrow)), we have our 20 week appointment and our first ultrasound! I am so so excited to see this little peanut! We are still going to keep the sex of the baby a surprise:)

We hope you all have a great week!

Bunny Love,

Liz & Baby E

Sunday, April 17, 2011

18 weeks

Everyday I am more and more amazed how fast this pregnancy has gone.  We are 2 weeks away from half way along!  I thought we'd never get here and I'm more and more excited as we go along.  this week has been uneventful, which I'll take as a good thing.  I am hoping to start feeling the baby move a little more frequently.  This week I *think* I have felt the baby "flutter" twice but it really feels like popcorn popping in there.  I'm not sure if that was the baby moving or not so I'm hoping that the baby will start moving more this week!

Here is my 18week picture:)
I've also started using something called "Baby Plus" today.  My friend Stephanie passed this along to me.  I will be using this twice a day for one hour each time.  There are 16 lessons and each lesson is 9 days long.  Here is a video that explains what it does.  If it works as well as it does with Steph's kids, I'm happy to try it.  It can only help:)  With the way Ryan was as a baby and with the way I was as a baby, we don't have very good odds with our baby.  We were quite the mischevious, colic-y babes:) 

We hope  you all have a great week and we will see you at 19weeks:)

Sunday Love,
Liz & Baby E

Monday, April 11, 2011

Seventeen Weeks

Are we really at 17 weeks already!?  This pregnancy has certainly flown by! I can't believe I am almost half way through my pregnancy:)  Not much is new this week!   I am in the "awkward" phase of the pregnancy where my regular clothes are getting tight/don't fit and my maternity clothes are still too big!  The most comfortable thing to wear are sweats and sundresses.  If this crazy Indiana weather would get warm and stay warm, I could wear my dresses more.  Until then, I continue to squeeze into my jeans:)  

Soo in this post, I thought I would include the story of how Ryan and I found out we were pregnant.  Well where to begin.... So Ryan and I found out we were pregnant on January 11 of this year.  We had just returned from a trip to Colorado for my friends wedding and just started another semester of school.  I had normal PMS symptoms so I wasn't thinking anything different.  I was extremely tired but I am always tired adjusting to my new semester schedule so I didn't think anything of it.  I am extremely regular so when I was 2 days late I had a hunch what it might be.  As my brain started moving a mile a minute, I remember how nauseous I was in Colorado but thought it was due to altitude sickness. 

Sooo after falling asleep in my Tuesday classes and dragging at work, I decided to take the plunge and buy the pregnancy test.  I couldn't handle the uncertainty anymore... I had to know.  I came home, kissed Ryan and went off to the bathroom.  I hadn't told him yet that I was late or even worried about being pregnant.  So I went into the bathroom, took the test and in a matter of seconds, there they were ...2 pink lines!  My jaw dropped and my mouth just laid wide open in disbelief.  Part of my wanted to run out to Ryan and share the news, part of me wanted to find a creative way to tell him with an "I love my Daddy" bib or an IU onesie.  So I picked my jaw up off the floor and exited the bathroom.  And it just so happened that Ryan had an *awful* day.  So as he told me how is day went and I listened ((or tried to listen but couldn't really focus considering the fact I just found out we were pregnant!)), I decided I would turn his bad day, good:)  And so I told him.  Just like that.  It wasn't creative or anything, which disappoints me, but I just couldn't keep the news in any longer!  And just to be on the safe side I took 2 more tests the next day ... and both times, they were positive almost immediately! 

And soo here we are at 17 weeks:)  Happy as can be!!  Although this wasn't in our plan, obviously God has something different in mind for us.  We are more than blessed to have this baby on the way.  We can't wait for the next 23 weeks to go by so we can hold this precious little peanut.  I've dreamed of being a mom my whole life and it's finally coming true!  Keep praying for Baby E!  We love you all!


Liz & Baby E

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

16 weeks

Hello 16 weeks! We are happy to see you:)  Each week that goes by is and has been a blessing to us.  Each week brings us so much joy and new conversation.  I have an app on my iPod touch that gives us a weekly update of the baby: how much it will be growing, what it "fruit comparison" is, and what the baby will be developing that week.  It makes me feel just a little more connected with this little peanut.  As I said in my last post, we aren't finding out the sex of the baby at our ultrasound appointment.  Ryan is as anxious as it gets trying to figure it out, while I feel very at ease waiting.  For me being the "planner" that I am and the one who is constantly trying to guess what my birthday and Christmas presents are, I'm very surprised I'm not finding out.  Although we aren't finding out the sex of the baby next appointment, we are VERY excited to have our first ultrasound!  I *am* very excited to see the baby on the ultrasound!  

With this being my first pregnancy, I had no idea what to expect as far as what I would feel like or what I would crave or how I would look with my belly growing so big.  But I must say I am very lucky and blessed to have had a very smooth pregnancy.  I  have had no morning sickness and my appetite has remained pretty much the same.  My cravings change daily and sometimes hourly:)  In the first trimester, I mostly craved orange juice and hash browns.  McDonald's was a weekly stop for me just about!  This trimester it has been a lot of pasta and pizza.  Of course, I am always craving my sweets too.  And even though I crave the "not so healthy" list of things, I have been able to eat all these in moderation while keeping up with eating my fruits, veggies and other healthy foods:)

Soooo many pictures of me so I wanted to give Ryan some love <3  Cause is truly is the most amazing husband a girl could ask for.  Throughout this entire pregnancy he has spoiled me rotten.  He takes such good care of me and the baby.  I know he will be a great father!:)  I love seeing him so excited about this baby:):):):)
 16 weeks:)

Thanks for all your love and support so far!  16 weeks has gone by quickly and I'm sure the next 24 will fly by!  <3

Much Love,

Liz & Baby E