Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday!

My baby is one!  I can hardly believe it!  She is growing and changing every day!  Her personality is starting to show and I love learning more and more about her every day!  We had a great time celebrating her first birthday with family and a few close family friends!  Elise did very well at her party considering there was an overwhelming amount of "new" faces to her and the fact that it ran into her afternoon nap:)  We are very blessed for the love and support we have had over this past year!  

Elise is full on walking!  She started walking in between 9-10 months!  She loves going outside to play.  Her favorite things to do outside are going for a walk in the stroller and kicking and throwing the ball around.  Every day when Ryan comes home from work, she grabs her shoes and heads towards the door!  

Elise can say mama, dada, and ba (which means ball, block, buddy and just about everything else).  She can sign please, milk, and all done.  She blows kisses on command and also for 'I love you' and 'thank you'.  

Elise loves playing with her toys!  She loves stuffed animals, especially her new teddy bear from her Aunt Katie.  She also loves dancing to her two snow globes, one from her Aunt Ang.  She loves shoes and clothes so it is a good thing her Aunt Carole has supplied her with plenty of hand-me-downs:)  Elise loves looking at books!!  She likes to flip the pages her self and carry them around.  She loves to go bye-bye.  We run lots of errands and travel a lot so it is a good thing she doesn't mind riding in the car and her carseat (most of the time).  

Elise has started at a new sitters.  We LOVE her and so does Elise.  There are no tears anymore when we drop her off and she has plenty of kids close to her age to play with.  She sleeps well and eats well there so it makes me feel soo much better when I am at school.  Not to mention two of my friends send their little ones their so she gets lots of time with them:)  

Elise has started giggling so much lately.  If you tickle her, she will crack up!  One sure way to get her to laugh is to play peek-a-boo or let her rub daddys hair.  

Elise also had her first hair cut just before her first birthday!  She sat so still and loved playing in the barbie jeep!  We treated her to dinner out (which we never do) and you demolished an entire grilled cheese and mandarin oranges!  Your favorite foods would include cheerios, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, chicken, black beans, carrots, and noodles.  You simply tolerate everything else we give you.  and MILK.  We could not survive without milk!  You have transitioned to whole milk smoothly.  We made it almost an entire year with breastfeeding/pumping!  I'm pretty proud of the fact that we never had to supplement with formula.  I feel blessed that my supply kept up and you were a great nurser.  But when you were done, you were done.  I'm happy that my supply held up while exclusively pumping.  I do not care for pumping so it was a long 2.5 months:)  

Happy 1st Birthday, Sweet girl!  You are such a blessing to us and we look forward to many more years ahead of us! :)

We love you to the moon and back!!!

<3 mommy and daddy