Friday, May 27, 2011

Baby Heartbeat

Here is a video of the little peanut's heart beat today.  About 27 seconds is when you can hear the heart beat!  Love this sound and so glad I have it on video:)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

23 weeks

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  Here we are at 23 weeks (well today is 23 weeks 2 days)! Only 17 weeks to go! It really puts things in to perspective when you think about how many weeks you have left!  It is even more crazy to think that is only 117 days left!  And it is even more crazy that we have less than 6 weeks until our first wedding anniversary!  Wow!  Time flies by so fast! And I have a feeling it won't be slowing down anytime soon!  This week the baby has been pretty active!  When I lay down, we can actually see the baby moving.  It was doing some crazy flips the other night!  Weird to think about and see but we love it!!:)  I go for my 24 week appointment on Friday.  Just a check up and heartbeat check!  The next appointment (my 28 week appointment) I'll have the one hour glucose testing.

So this whole pregnancy I have thought it was a boy!  I don't know why, I just have a gut feeling it is a boy.  But these last few weeks, I am not so sure anymore.  Everyone always says that when carrying boys, you only gain weight in the belly; with girls, you gain weight all over.  And latey, I've noticed that I'm gaining in my thighs and behind.  So I might be joining Team Girl based off my weight gain.  I'm terrified to go to the doctor and to see my weight gain.  As of my 20 week appointment, I've gained 17 lbs.  I was pretty tiny before I got pregnant (110lbs) so I figured I would have more of a weight gain than I wanted but I guess as long as it all stays healthy weight gain, I'm "okay" with it.  Just more to lose after wards!  I'm starting prenatal yoga tonight (a dvd) to see if that helps my hip/butt pain.  I've asked for Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred for after I have to baby to help me lose the weight!  

I'm looking forward to a long weekend and the start of summer.  I really enjoy this weather!  Ask me about half way through the summer when I'm swollen and 9 months preg and I might tell you something different:)  Please keep praying for Baby E! 

Sunshine Love,


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

22 Weeks

We are very excited yet very exhausted on this evening of "22 weeks."  Yesterday, I was able to witness and celebrate my husband's graduation from Butler University with his MBA.  He still has one more class to complete this summer but then he will be an official graduate!  His family came down for the day and we walked around campus and then spent the afternoon at the Brick Street Market Festival in Zionsville.  Ryan's sister, Carole, and her two daughters, Elena & Olivia, stayed the night and we had a little sleepover, which thrilled Elena.  This afternoon Carole had a photo shoot and so Ryan and I took on the girls for the afternoon.  We watched Elena's favorite movie "The Sound of Music" and ate popcorn, and then we took the girls to my cousins house for dinner.  I'd have to say that we did pretty good today getting everything together to take them over and while we were there.  They were just too much fun today!  We are beyond exhausted but I guess we should get used to that, right:)  They are growing up too fast!  ((I wrote this on Sunday but didn't post until today due to being sick!))

This week has been a pretty calm week with the pregnancy, which is a good thing I think.  The biggest thing happening is the pain in my hip/back/butt.  I think my body is just getting used to carrying the baby.  The baby has been very active this week still which I love!  I think it really knows Ryan's voice because it is extremely active when he is talking to it.  So sweet:)

Liz & Baby E

Sunday, May 8, 2011

21 Weeks and Happy Mother's Day

What a beautiful day!  The sun was finally shining and there was no rain!  A rarity here in Indy these past few weeks!  Today I have hit 21 weeks.  I am on the down hill slope of the pregnancy!  Such an exciting feeling.  This week was spent busy with finals and work so there isn't too much exciting to report.  The baby has been active this week and Ryan has been able to feel more and more kicks ...mostly at night still.  My baby sister Katie was able to feel a couple last night.  Unfortunately, my older sister Angela hasn't just yet.  The other night she had her hand on my belly for quite a few minutes and nothing.  She took it off and Ryan put his hand on and the baby kicked a few times.  So she put her hand back on...nothing....takes it off and Ryan puts it back on...kicks!  This happened about 3 times.  It was kind of funny to know this baby is stubborn and playful just like we are:)  

Today was Mother's Day and I guess I wasn't really thinking about it since the little baby isn't here yet.  I truly do believe that I am a mommy already but it was a wonderful surprise to get a card from my thoughtful husband and family, and a ton of texts and Facebook messages.  I think it will feel more real next year when I have an 8 month old child to give me hugs and kisses on Mother's Day.  So crazy to think about!  This weekend was fun spending it with my mom for Mother's day and we celebrated my sisters birthday.  She's been a wonderful supporter in my life!  Thanks mom for all your love and encouragement throughout these years!  You are going to be a great "Grammy Pammy" to our baby! :):)  PS Yes, I will be trying to get my kids to call her Grammy Pammy (I think its cute:):)) haha I'm sad I couldn't be in Fort Wayne with my in-laws to celebrate their birthdays and mothers day but I guess Ry and I just had to divide and conquer this weekend:)  

My momma and I on my wedding day. 

 Hope you all have a great week.  Please keep my family in your prayers.  My great-uncle passed away today.  He was my Grandpa Milt's brother.  Since I have never met my Grandpa, Uncle Bob was one of the only connections I had to him.  I know that he meant a lot to my Grandma Rosie, too.  He was a great brother-in-law to her, especially when my Grandpa passed away, and he helped keep my dad and uncle in line when needed, and was a father figure to them and my aunt when they needed it.  He was a very wonderful man and would *always* greet you with a smile!  What a loss to our family. 

Mother's Day love,

Liz & Baby E

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

20 weeks - Half way there!

When I first found out I was pregnant between 4 and 5 weeks, 20 weeks seemed forever away!  And now here it is and it seems as if time has *flown* by!  We have been so busy with school, work, and life that time is just passing so quickly.  So I have been told, the last 20 weeks goes even quicker, which is a tad frightening to me.  I am so very much looking forward to being a mom; however, I am terrified to think I am going to be responsible for taking care of this little life.   

Yesterday, we had our 20 week check up with the doctor and our first ultrasound.  The doctors office told me at my last appointment to come with a full I did!  When the ultrasound tech finally called us back, she had the ultrasound thing on me for less than 5 seconds before saying, "Holy full bladder!"  I laughed which hurt because it was *very* full.  She said it wasn't necessary and allowed me to empty my bladder, which I was thankful for, especially after she was pressing all over my belly... I never would have made it:)  As she proceeded with the ultrasound she checked all the baby's organs, brain, arms, legs, heart, etc.  We were so thankful that everything checked out to be looking good!  Baby E is facing down so she had a very hard time getting a good picture of its face.  This explains why I am so uncomfortable today because the baby is pressing on my lower back.  It was so neat to see the baby moving and active on the ultrasound machine!  Seeing the baby makes everything a little more real but it is still unbelievable that my body is capable of carrying this little human!  God truly is amazing!  

Baby E has most certainly been active since the end of my 18th week.  I can feel it moving throughout the day and just this past week, Ryan has actually been able to feel it moving.  Last night he was able to feel two really good kicks:)  I love seeing the excitement in his face when he feels it move!

The first picture is of Baby E's face.  The second picture you can see that Baby E is face down ((its spine is running along the top)).

 Here is a picture of Baby E's little foot...its legs were crossed so we probably wouldn't have been able to find out the sex if we had wanted to.  The next picture is of Baby E's ear and hand. 
 These two pictures are of Baby E's face with its hand resting on its head.  Can you see his hand/arm, belly and face?
 Here I am at 19 weeks.  This outfit has become my favorite because it is so so comfortable!
 And here I am at 20 weeks....notice the outfit ((Yes, I only changed my tank top:) ))
 We hope that you are all doing well!  Please continue to pray for Baby E that it keeps growing and remains healthy and happy!  Thank you again for all your love and support! <3

Much Love,

Liz & Baby E