Wednesday, May 18, 2011

22 Weeks

We are very excited yet very exhausted on this evening of "22 weeks."  Yesterday, I was able to witness and celebrate my husband's graduation from Butler University with his MBA.  He still has one more class to complete this summer but then he will be an official graduate!  His family came down for the day and we walked around campus and then spent the afternoon at the Brick Street Market Festival in Zionsville.  Ryan's sister, Carole, and her two daughters, Elena & Olivia, stayed the night and we had a little sleepover, which thrilled Elena.  This afternoon Carole had a photo shoot and so Ryan and I took on the girls for the afternoon.  We watched Elena's favorite movie "The Sound of Music" and ate popcorn, and then we took the girls to my cousins house for dinner.  I'd have to say that we did pretty good today getting everything together to take them over and while we were there.  They were just too much fun today!  We are beyond exhausted but I guess we should get used to that, right:)  They are growing up too fast!  ((I wrote this on Sunday but didn't post until today due to being sick!))

This week has been a pretty calm week with the pregnancy, which is a good thing I think.  The biggest thing happening is the pain in my hip/back/butt.  I think my body is just getting used to carrying the baby.  The baby has been very active this week still which I love!  I think it really knows Ryan's voice because it is extremely active when he is talking to it.  So sweet:)

Liz & Baby E

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