Sunday, May 8, 2011

21 Weeks and Happy Mother's Day

What a beautiful day!  The sun was finally shining and there was no rain!  A rarity here in Indy these past few weeks!  Today I have hit 21 weeks.  I am on the down hill slope of the pregnancy!  Such an exciting feeling.  This week was spent busy with finals and work so there isn't too much exciting to report.  The baby has been active this week and Ryan has been able to feel more and more kicks ...mostly at night still.  My baby sister Katie was able to feel a couple last night.  Unfortunately, my older sister Angela hasn't just yet.  The other night she had her hand on my belly for quite a few minutes and nothing.  She took it off and Ryan put his hand on and the baby kicked a few times.  So she put her hand back on...nothing....takes it off and Ryan puts it back on...kicks!  This happened about 3 times.  It was kind of funny to know this baby is stubborn and playful just like we are:)  

Today was Mother's Day and I guess I wasn't really thinking about it since the little baby isn't here yet.  I truly do believe that I am a mommy already but it was a wonderful surprise to get a card from my thoughtful husband and family, and a ton of texts and Facebook messages.  I think it will feel more real next year when I have an 8 month old child to give me hugs and kisses on Mother's Day.  So crazy to think about!  This weekend was fun spending it with my mom for Mother's day and we celebrated my sisters birthday.  She's been a wonderful supporter in my life!  Thanks mom for all your love and encouragement throughout these years!  You are going to be a great "Grammy Pammy" to our baby! :):)  PS Yes, I will be trying to get my kids to call her Grammy Pammy (I think its cute:):)) haha I'm sad I couldn't be in Fort Wayne with my in-laws to celebrate their birthdays and mothers day but I guess Ry and I just had to divide and conquer this weekend:)  

My momma and I on my wedding day. 

 Hope you all have a great week.  Please keep my family in your prayers.  My great-uncle passed away today.  He was my Grandpa Milt's brother.  Since I have never met my Grandpa, Uncle Bob was one of the only connections I had to him.  I know that he meant a lot to my Grandma Rosie, too.  He was a great brother-in-law to her, especially when my Grandpa passed away, and he helped keep my dad and uncle in line when needed, and was a father figure to them and my aunt when they needed it.  He was a very wonderful man and would *always* greet you with a smile!  What a loss to our family. 

Mother's Day love,

Liz & Baby E

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