Tuesday, May 24, 2011

23 weeks

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  Here we are at 23 weeks (well today is 23 weeks 2 days)! Only 17 weeks to go! It really puts things in to perspective when you think about how many weeks you have left!  It is even more crazy to think that is only 117 days left!  And it is even more crazy that we have less than 6 weeks until our first wedding anniversary!  Wow!  Time flies by so fast! And I have a feeling it won't be slowing down anytime soon!  This week the baby has been pretty active!  When I lay down, we can actually see the baby moving.  It was doing some crazy flips the other night!  Weird to think about and see but we love it!!:)  I go for my 24 week appointment on Friday.  Just a check up and heartbeat check!  The next appointment (my 28 week appointment) I'll have the one hour glucose testing.

So this whole pregnancy I have thought it was a boy!  I don't know why, I just have a gut feeling it is a boy.  But these last few weeks, I am not so sure anymore.  Everyone always says that when carrying boys, you only gain weight in the belly; with girls, you gain weight all over.  And latey, I've noticed that I'm gaining in my thighs and behind.  So I might be joining Team Girl based off my weight gain.  I'm terrified to go to the doctor and to see my weight gain.  As of my 20 week appointment, I've gained 17 lbs.  I was pretty tiny before I got pregnant (110lbs) so I figured I would have more of a weight gain than I wanted but I guess as long as it all stays healthy weight gain, I'm "okay" with it.  Just more to lose after wards!  I'm starting prenatal yoga tonight (a dvd) to see if that helps my hip/butt pain.  I've asked for Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred for after I have to baby to help me lose the weight!  

I'm looking forward to a long weekend and the start of summer.  I really enjoy this weather!  Ask me about half way through the summer when I'm swollen and 9 months preg and I might tell you something different:)  Please keep praying for Baby E! 

Sunshine Love,


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