Wednesday, February 29, 2012

5 months and some change

Okay, So I am way behind on blogging here ..better late than never?  I have been super-overwhelmed-busy with school, and life.  But I'm finally trying to play a little catch up!  Elise is no longer in her bouncer ... she LOVES her high chair!!  She likes to be sitting up and able to see everything!!!

Elise is hitting milestones left and right.  She is officially sitting up all on her own!  We still put some pillows behind her JUST in case she falls backwards ... which backfires because then she realizes they are there and just lays back on them like she is just relaxing.  

Elise is 5 months old (and a few days)!!!  I can hardly believe that she is so old now!!  Some days I think it seems like she has been with us for what seems like forever, and other days, it seems like she was just born!  Every day is just a wonderful blessing with her and I love watching her grow and learn.  She looks older every day and is truly adorable!! Yes, I might be biased because I am her mother, but if you hang out with her for a day, you would feel the same way:)  

How does this not make you just smile uncontrollably!?!? :)  She is so happy and just such a joy to have around!!!

She is rolling over both ways, although she is still picky about the times she likes to roll from tummy to back.  She would rather sit there and whine:)  She is most likely teething because she has been chewing more than normal, but I can never tell!  She loves jumping in her jumper-thing!!  She is so fascinated with the lion and is trying so hard to figure out how to make it spin around.  She sees Ryan and I spin it (by pushing down the blue hippo) but she just can't make it spin!  It is so cute:)  She is full of smiles and laughter all the time!  She loves when you count to 5 or say the ABC's!! And she loves when you try to get her feet!!  And she actually knows her name!  When you say "Elise" , she looks right up at you.  She is starting to grab for EVERYTHING so we have to be extra careful what is in her range.  When we were at lunch a few weeks ago, she grabbed my drink and knocked it all over her, me and the floor.  This was after we brought her stroller into a teeny tiny restaurant and EVERYONE looked at me when I walked through the door.  

Elise is also growing out of her 6 month clothes and is already in some 9 month clothes!! She has such a long torso that her onesies are getting snug quickly!!!  In the Gerber brand, she is already in 12 months!  She is getting too big too fast!!

Well that is our update!!! Hopefully I'll update more often:)  I always say that and then life takes over!!!  Hope you have a great day!!!

Baby E love,
The Eme's