Saturday, April 21, 2012

7 months

Time is just flying!! We are over the half way mark and 5 months away from my sweet baby girl turning 1!! I start to tear up thinking about it so let's just focus on the now!  Elise is growing and learning as any healthy little girl should.  She is definitely becoming a handful because she is getting into everything.  I guess I should first tell you her milestones!

Elise has been sitting up all on her own for a little over a month now!  It is so nice that she can do this!! It seemed like as soon as she figured out how to sit up, she was on to the next milestone!  

Elise began army crawling right around 6 months and then started crawling on all fours about 2 and a half weeks later.  She is now quick and knows how to get her self from one place to the next!  She is already figuring out those spots we don't want her to go (considering we live in a 770 sq ft apartment there isn't much room to go)!  She definitely hears the word 'no no' a lot!:) haha

Elise also learned how to pull herself up in her crib.  We looked on the monitor one day and there she was standing up!  We lowered the crib down and now she stands up all the time.  She stands up until the minute she is ready to close those eyes!  I must say I love walking into her room after naps and in the morning seeing her sweet little smile peeking over the crib!!  She is now pulling herself up on anything and everything.  Her toys, the couch, our hands, you name it, she is standing up and balancing herself really well.

Elise is LOVING her solid foods.  We only have her on baby food for now, and then she loves to eat puffs, too.  Her favorite foods are sweet potatoes, pears, peaches, prunes, peas, green beans, and bananas. The only food she really doesn't care for is carrots.  I love introducing her to new foods!! She surprises me with how much she likes them right away!!  She also loves her puffs.  She is getting the hang of picking them up and getting them up and into her mouth.  They are a great distraction when we are out and about and she is getting antsy!! She is also getting the hang of a sippy cup.

We are so excited for summer time and all there is to do!!  We plan to make a trip to the zoo, splash parks, the lake, the pool, take lots of walk, play at the park, maybe a baseball game... anything to get us out and about!  She will also be starting swim classes in a week or so.  Ryan and I both love the water and hopefully she will too!
  Below is a video of the first day she was officially crawling on all fours.  She is less shaky now and much better at it!

I'll be updating this summer more when I'm not in school all the time!

Can't wait! xoxoxoxo