Wednesday, August 10, 2011

34 weeks

Sorry this post is so late in the week.  I have been busy washing, organizing, and so much more with all the baby stuff.  This past Thursday, my co-workers threw me a baby shower on my last day and Saturday, my mom and sisters hosted a shower for my side of the family.  I can't begin to express how lucky and blessed we feel to have such amazing family and friends.  We have received so much love, support, and gifts from everyone for this baby.  I couldn't feel any more blessed, truly.  

I had a doctors appointment this past Friday and Baby E is still measuring right on at 34 weeks.  I gained 0 pounds in the past two weeks, which was exciting to me (( But don't worry, I'm still healthy and all that jazz)). My doctor is going to start checking me at the next appointment at 36 weeks to see if I have started dilating and effacing.  He wouldn't start checking me until my 37th week but my husband and my mom are being sent on a business trip to New York during my 36th week and we all just want to make sure they don't miss anything:)  I just can't believe that it is almost time to start checking to see if I'm progressing at all.  Time has flown by and with 5 and a half weeks to go til my due date, I'm just ready for this baby to get here.  I'm nervous for the labor and delivery, but I'm very ready (( or as ready as I can be)) for this baby to finally be here.  I think it will help me breathe a sigh of relief that I can finally know if this baby is a little boy or a little girl.  We've never revealed our names on here soooo we might be doing that soon:)

Keep praying for Baby E and all other expecting mothers and babies!

<3 Liz

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