Friday, December 9, 2011

Naptime Confession

So just this last week, I've been really working on getting Elise to take naps in her bed.  Normally, I would let her nap in my arms, in her bouncer, etc. but in ONE MONTH I go back to school (can we pause to say how much I can't believe how fast this has gone!?).  Side bar:  I haven't been in school or working since the middle of August.  At that time, I was 34 weeks pregnant and miserable.  I couldn't imagine that the pregnancy would end and we would have a newborn to take care of.  And I most certainly thought going back to school was WWAAAAYYY far off.  And now, in almost 5 weeks, I will be starting up school again!  I'm excited, scared, nervous, ready, and all that goes with not being home with Elise anymore.  The good thing is I will only be going to school 2 days a week.  Although those days will be long days, but only 2.  And the other good thing (okay, GREAT thing) is that we are leaving her with someone I know and trust!  A friend from high school is going to watch her and I'm soooo thankful.

Okay, back to my naptime confession.  Every time Elise naps, I swear I'm going to fold laundry, do the dishes, shower, clean, craft, etc.  And yet, I spend my time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy, and looking at all the blogs on my bookmark.  I also spend time looking at all the things I want to buy when we become rich :) and place then in my bookmark and my Amazon wishlist.  Let's just say I have a champagne taste on a beer income as my mom always told me:)  I feel guilty because I have housework to do ... but I also feel that in 5 weeks, my naptime will be spent doing homework and studying AND housework.  SO I think I'll enjoy this naptime while I can:)

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