Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How big is Elise!? Sooooo big!

 On Sunday, we celebrated Elise's 3 month birthday!  Call me crazy for celebrating each month birthday but to me, EVERY milestone is so awesome!  I don't want to take Elise and her time with us for granted *at all*!  Elise is an extremely healthy baby who is gaining weight and reaching all her developmental milestones just fine.  But I know, with the blink of an eye, all of that could change.  I worry constantly (over nothing) but still want to cherish these times as much as I can.  Plus, she is only going to be this small for soo long.  Before we know it, she is going to be up and moving and growing up in to a beautiful little girl.  

We try to take a picture of her each week (a side from the millions of other pictures we take of her) but that has failed.  BUT we have taken a monthly picture of her.  

This was her the day she was born in the hospital.  She was 8lbs 3oz and 21 in. long!

This is her at one month.  10lbs 4oz and 23in. long!

This is her at two months.  12lbs 10oz and 23 1/4in. long!

And here she is at three months!  As of last week, she was 13lbs 1oz! 

Okay, and because I am in a very sappy, nostalgic mood, I wanted to share a couple of videos of Elise!!! Mainly because I literally take at least one every day and because she is soooo darn CUTE!

Despite all the chaos and commotion in the hospital of having a new baby, I happen to grab the camera and get this short video of Elise and honestly, this is THE BEST thing I ever did!  That time was a complete blur and now I can hardly even remember how new and precious she was!  But I will forever have this video to remind me!! Ohh I just LOVE HER!:)

This video is of Elise just a cooing a way!  I love her little voice!:)  AND she figured out how to swat at her toys on the mat! 

And Elise has FINALLY decided she *likes* tummy time!  All of the sudden yesterday, she decided she was happy on her tummy!:)  AND she flipped her self over from her tummy to her back!  We screamed in excitement that I think we scared her and now she hasn't done it since! haha We are working on it though!:)

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!:)

<3 The Eme's

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