Monday, September 5, 2011

38 weeks

So 38 weeks has arrived!  As of last Thursday, I am still 0 cm dilated but my cervix is beginning to soften.  I finally gained a little weight but I am okay with it since I hadn't in the last 5 weeks.  My blood pressure and signs of preeclampsia are staying away! I really can't complain about this pregnancy!  I have been very blessed with a very non-complicated one!  Although I feel like lately, I'm one big, stinking complainer.  I am struggling to get some good, quality sleep.  I toss and turn multiple times throughout the night.  My hips, ribs, or sturnum ache throughout the night.  I have some crazy heartburn when I lay down.  All no fun.  Not to mention, my huge stomach makes it hard to get comfy in bed.  All will go away soon, and then I won't be sleeping for other reasons but at least it won't be painful sleep ((I hope at least!:)))

I have the baby bag and my bag all packed for the hospital.  I have probably ((more than likely)) over packed but I always pack wayyyyy more than I need so why change my pattern now!?:)  I have a few misc. things to get this week for after I come home from the hospital, but other than that I'm pretty ready to go.  We have everything washed and ready to go so now we just wait for baby:)  I'm walking lots and trying to stay active to start this progress. 

Isn't my husband so handsome!:)  Here we are 38 weeks!

Hope you all have a great week and pray for some progression!:)

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