Saturday, September 17, 2011

40 weeks on Sunday

So during this 39th/40th week of pregnancy, I keep trying to remember the things I liked and things I didn't like so much about pregnancy.  With other people announcing they are pregnant in the last few weeks, it makes me think back to that week of my pregnancy and think about what goes on during that week.  I can honestly say that being pregnant was way different than I ever imagined.  Not in a good way or a bad way, just different.  My whole life I tried to think about what it would be like being pregnant and this has definitely been different.  First, I never thought I would have such a selfless, caring, and wonderful partner by my side during this journey.  My husband has by far exceeded my expectations when it came to taking care of me and the baby.  It really showed me ((not like I needed much convincing)) how lucky and blessed I am and how wonderful of a daddy he will be.  I really had a very smooth and easy pregnancy.  I consider myself very lucky because I had absolutely no morning sickness the entire time, and everything was very easy.  Hearing other womens stories makes me realize how much worse it could have been.  I can't wait to do this again but I'm definitely looking forward to NOT being pregnant for a little while:) 

I had a doctors appointment on Thursday ((39weeks4days)) and everything was still looking good with baby.  I gained some weight, but sort of knew that since I *felt* like I was getting bigger.  My blood pressure and everything still looks great.  Baby E is measuring right on at 39 weeks.  I was about 1 cm dilated and my cervix was still just soft, not really effaced.  We have an induction scheduled for Sunday at 6pm! We are so excited to finally know this baby is going to be here! I'm nervous but sooo ready!  We'll keep you all posted.  

Keep us in your prayers,

Liz & Baby E

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  1. I have loved keeping up with you (and Baby E) by reading your blog. I hope that as things settle into place and that sweet baby Elise grows and grows, you might keep posting! :) Love, Chelsea