Monday, June 13, 2011

26 weeks

26 weeks is here! Can you believe it? I sure as heck can't!  It floors me to think that we only have 14 weeks to go!  I just returned from my cousin Josh's wedding and we had so much fun!  I survived the 8-10 hours in the car and requested to pee much less than I and everyone else thought! :)  It was so fun hanging with family and being there for their special day.  This time of year just makes me smile.  

For those of you that know my love for countdowns, we have a lot right now!  There are only 7 days until Ryan and my 3 year dating anniversary, 15 days until the anniversary of when he proposed to me, 20 days until our 1st wedding anniversary, and 97 days until the little peanut is due!  Time has flown by so much and I just can't believe how quickly this year has gone!  Ryan and I are going to the Ray LaMontagne concert tomorrow night as part of our anniversary present to ourselves!  I'm so excited!  We are planning to go to dinner, have some cake, and see some fireworks on July 3.  We have a wedding on the 2nd to go to so it will be a fun weekend!  We won't be eating our cake topper because we already did last September.  We didn't have it vacuum sealed and it was just in the freezer and in September didn't taste so good.  It tasted a lot like 'freezer' so I asked our wonderful cake maker Suzie to make us a small little anniversary cake so we will have some cake on our anniversary.  It is tradition and I'm pregnant and Suzie's cakes are AWESOME!:) 

26 weeks

Well I hope you all are doing well and keep praying for Baby E!

Baby love!


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