Monday, March 28, 2011

15 weeks

So today we had our second doctor's appointment.  It was a quick one where we just talked with the doctor and of course heard the heartbeat.  I must say that that sweet sound is sooo amazing!!!!  The baby's heartbeat was 150bpm so everything is looking good:)  We go back in 5 weeks for our first ultrasound.  I'll be 20 weeks and I'll go ahead and answer the question you are all wondering...No, we are not going to find out if it is a boy or a girl.  We are going to let it be a surprise.  I really feel very little anxiousness or curiosity to find out what it is.  Ryan on the other hand has been looking up every old wives tale in the book to see if he can guess!  But I'm thankful he is waiting with me! 

Although we are not finding out what the sex is, we have started purchasing a few things here or there and we have received a few gifts as well.  We are so so blessed with how generous our family and friends have been!  This baby is so lucky already!  Here are just a few pictures of what the baby has so far:)

We hope you have a great week!  We are busy with school and work so we hope it'll go by quickly!

Baby Love,

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